6 ways that the ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’ pencil could have rescued us from 2020

It’s no lie that Shaka Laka Boom Boom was probably one of the best parts of our childhood. The idea that a little kid found a magic pencil, with which anything he drew came to life, is such a spectacular one that we all were super jealous of him and inspired by it. The biggest selling merchandise of 2000 was probably fake magic Shaka Laka Boom Boom pencils, for we all steered them as magic wands, hoping to get out of math exams or dance class by yielding their powers.

But honestly though, that pencil could have rescued us from experiencing one of the worst years of our lives. Here are 6 ways that we could have been saved a whole lot of shit and trauma:

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By drawing a COVID-19 vaccine

Female nurse filling syringe

It’s probably the first thing I would have drawn. COVID-19 is the worst thing to have happened in human history ever since, well, the Spanish flu 100 years ago. Doctors, police personnel and healthcare workers are risking and losing their lives on a daily basis while scientists are experiencing sleepless months just to fashion a vaccine to help us handle this deadly virus. So yeah, an anti-COVID vaccine is the first thing I will definitely draw.

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By drawing barrels and barrels of food for migrant workers

Need I say more? The ones who suffered the most this wretched year were those who live on daily wages, far away from their homes. I would draw barrels and barrels of food for them. BARRELS.

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By drawing the hate out of social media

People were not the nicest to each other this year. I would cancel the cancel culture, cancel haters, cancel evil hashtaggers. ONLY LOVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

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By drawing fake news straight into dustbins 🙂

Fake news gotta GO. It’s ruined this year even more than the year ruined itself. I would draw a machine of sorts that is a fake news scanner and sends it straight to the dustbin. Bye, bitch.

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By drawing answer sheets for all NEET/JEE students


Look, I feel bad for every student who had to sit for all-India entrance exams this year. If I could, I’d draw answer sheet to every one of their exam question papers and help save lives. #helpthestudents.

6 / 6

By drawing a goddamn time machine


If we could go back in time and announce to the whole world that a fucking global pandemic was about to hit, or if we could skip to way ahead in the future when we’d all be safe and well from the shitshow that is 2020, that would be the first thing I’d draw. A goddamn time machine that can #cancel2020.

God knows we’d need it.

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