Reasons Why Hansa From Khichdi Is The Ultimate Feminist Inspiration

Supriya Pathak’s Hansa Parekh from Khichdi has been one of the funniest, most relatable, and well-written characters in Indian sitcom history. She and her husband Praful are always in their own world where nothing ever goes wrong, everything means the way they want it to (especially the words), and they create havoc in the world around them. Even so, we love the couple, and Hansa especially. Ladies, we could certainly take a cue from Hansa on how to be the ultimate feminist. 

1. She never backs down from asking questions.

Hansa never thinks, ‘Oh, if I ask this question, will I be deemed an idiot?’. She is always curious and inquisitive, and always asking questions. It helps that her husband Praful is always answering them, even if the answers are wrong 99% of the time. Still, we should always be like Hansa, questioning the world.

2.  Knows her own worth, and is constantly on a mission of self-love.

She always does what she wants, and has the confidence to say to the world – Yes, I am the best. Honestly, we wish everyone had that kind of confidence, but alas, we are constantly plagued by self-doubt. Not Hansa. Hansa is always her biggest champion, and we can learn it from her. 

hansa parekh feminist

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3. She is not afraid of what society thinks of her.

When anyone asks her, ‘Why are you like this?’, she never tries to justify herself or her actions. She knows her worth, and simply says, ‘Main aisi hi hoon’. Brava, girl. We wish we constantly didn’t change according to society’s perception of an ideal us, and Hansa’s words can be the starting point to that journey. 

hansa parekh feminist

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4. Understands the value of sisterhood.

Hansa and Jayshree may be sisters-in-law, but they are often thick as thieves and could be biological sisters for all the world to see. They constantly support each other and are always proud of each other’s shenanigans. Moreover, even though Jayshree is a widow, Hansa never has any taunts towards her sister-in-law, which is a refreshing change in Indian sitcoms. 

5. Learns to take time off without feeling guilty.

Hansa’s iconic dialogue, ‘Mai toh thank gayi bhaisaab’, makes us laugh every time we hear it, mostly because Hansa literally never does any work, but it also has a lesson underneath. Many times we are so overworked that we would like nothing more than to sleep and rest, but we keep going. Looking at Hansa, we should also learn to say ‘Mai toh thank gayi bhaisaab’ sometimes and just shut out from the world. 

hansa parekh feminist

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