After Little Things, Watch Normal People on LionsGate Play

Little Things showed us the beauty of love. It taught us that it’s not always about the big gestures, but tiny moments in life that define our relationships. While Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal gave us an enviable portrayal of love, Normal People is a series that tries to show the full spectrum of love and relationships in a more realistic way. It helps you understand different facets of intimacy in a way that no other show has ever made us understand.

Based on the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney who’s been dubbed the new millennial author of the decade, here’s why Normal People should be next on your list. 

1. Realistic portrayal of love.

Two people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Even though we want our lives to be exactly this simple, unfortunately, it is anything but that. The real test often begins after we fall in love, and Marianne and Connell’s story shows that. Normal People talks about love in all its beauty, ugliness, intensity, awkwardness, and uncertainty.

2. Social issues come to light.

Love is not only about two people, it extends beyond that. Issues like class differences, gender norms, abuse, loss, etc. are brilliantly handled in the show, thereby showing that love is not the only factor in one’s life and that everything we experience shapes us into who we are. 

normal people

3. Shows the complexity of being a teen.

Unlike most teen shows we watch these days that refuse to portray the complexity and awkwardness of the teenage phase, Normal people elevates itself beyond just being a teen drama. It shows the genuine romantic tenderness of young love that’s almost old-fashioned but in a good way. Normal People treats teenagers as real people with real, complex emotions, and shows how they deal with school, colleges, competition, insecurity, etc. in their own flawed ways. 

normal people

4. Shows both sides of the relationship.

Normal People doesn’t try to make us sympathise with either of the characters. We get a fair peek into both Marianne and Connell’s thoughts and feelings, which makes it easier to understand where they are coming from, and how their thoughts influence the decisions they make. We also get a deeper understanding of how “mistakes” and miscommunications affect relationships. 

normal people

5. A lesson in growth.

Even when we wish to stay in the comfort of our own little world, we have to, unfortunately, leave it and explore the world. We are expected to grow and learn to survive as an adult. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely not as dreamy as many movies and shows romanticise it to be. Adulting and growing is hard, and Normal People attempts to show that in the most realistic way. 

normal people

6. The Soundtrack!

The soundtrack of the show could be a standalone reason for one to watch Normal People. I may be exaggerating, but the music in the show is an eclectic mix of sounds from a variety of super-talented artists like Imogen Heap, Billie Marten, Elliott Smith, Frank Ocean, August Roads, etc. The music is beautiful, melancholy and airy in a way that is bound to stay with you for a long long long time.

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