5 Best Modern Sherlock Holmes Performances On Screen

Sherlock Holmes has been one of the most widely adopted characters for the screen. Emerging from the brilliant brain of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this brilliant detective along with his sidekick Dr. Watson has been the subject of numerous TV shows and films, but the sheer happiness at seeing the characters never goes away. While we have been seeing Sherlock from 1900, here are some of the modern Sherlock Holmes performances on screen.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock

Brilliant yet cold, Benedict’s Sherlock was a study in perfection, and most of it is thanks to the actor’s brilliant portrayal. Benedict played the part to a pro of a detective whose traits are similar to the original written character, but the thawing of the icy persona in the later seasons is what made him so likeable in spite of his apathy and sometimes, shockingly rude behaviour. We are also thankful to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for giving us Andrew Scott as the sinister and a little dramatic Moriarty, whose acting skills are truly unparalleled. 

2.  Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes

An arrogant man with dry humour – is it Iron Man or it is Sherlock Holmes? Doesn’t matter, because Robert Downey Jr. plays both roles like he was born to it. This role gave Downey Jr. a Golden Globe, and a chance to do what he does best – annoy us into liking him. Along with Jude Law as the formidable Dr. Watson, this Sherlock is flippant, an addict, and a lot more involved in sports or fighting goons or dressing up in lady clothes than Benedict’s Sherlock, but we love them both equally. 

3.  Jonny Lee Miller – Elementary

An English recovering addict in New York, this modern day Sherlock Holmes had all the charm Jonny Lee Miller could put into it. With a female Watson (Lucy Liu) and a female Moriarty (Natalie Dormer), while this detective show was quite good, it could not hold a candle to Benedict’s performance; and yet there are those who prefer Elementary over other adaptations.

4. Henry Cavill – Enola Holmes 

What if Sherlock Holmes was not an asshole? The answer lies in Enola Holmes. This film where a young Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) sets out to find her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) is a study in familial relationships, as older brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Clafin) try to find their wilful sister. This Sherlock is quiet and kind and understanding, and so unlike his predecessors that we think it might not work, but Cavill and his dimpled smile charm us from the start. 

5. Henry Lloyd-Hughes – The Irregulars

To be honest, this show is more about the paranormal and the team of teenagers who investigate it, but their association with Sherlock Holmes is what makes the show interesting. This Sherlock is more dismissive and content to stay and wallow in his own grief, and it’s Watson (Royce Pierreson) who tries to keep his friend afloat. 

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