5 Super Shows To Watch After WandaVision

WandaVision is over, and we don’t know what to do with life anymore. This out-of-the-box show by MCU and Disney+ broke all barriers of stereotypical superhero movies – referencing old shows and amazing crossovers – this show had it all. Unfortunately, the show came to an end too soon, leaving us bereft. So what do we do now? Latch on to other amazing shows just like WandaVision! 

1. The Boys

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) leads the vigilante group ‘The Boys’ to take out superheroes who have become arrogant, villainous, and corrupt. While the show has more mature themes than WandaVision, the premise is just as refreshing as our beloved Disney+ show, which makes it a good watch. 

2.  The Umbrella Academy

43 women give birth to babies around the world at the same time, despite not being pregnant. 7 of these children are adopted by a billionaire who forms a superhero team out of the kids. His parenting leaves the relationship between the kids and him strenuous, and when they all reunite after his death, an apocalypse awaits them. Fun, eccentric, and filled with superheroes. Remind you of something?

3. The Mandalorian

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) is living a good life as a bounty hunter. One mission upends his life, and he ends up with a family and a mission he wasn’t aware he needed. Just like WandaVision, this show grows on you until you are blabbering about the show to anyone you meet. Add in the otherworldly elements like The Force and magic are what makes these show a good combo. 

4. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 

We are sure you must be sorely missing MCU creations by now, even though WandaVision has just ended. Well fear not, as a new superhero show by MCU is coming on March 19th. Starring Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) after the events of Avengers; Endgame. Sam was previously handed the mantle of Captain America by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) himself, and together with Bucky, the duo sets out to fight Flag Smashers, a group hell-bent on terrorizing the world. 

5. Black Mirror 

We loved the twists and turns that WandaVision brought to our lives, which is why Black Mirror is a good show to watch after it. Even though every episode has a different story, most of them managed to keep us hooked and in suspense. The technological advancement shown in both shows is also a keen point to take into account. 

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