Top 9 worst Indian series of 2020

The year that gave us Mirzapur and Scam 1992 also gave us some of the worst series our eyes had to endure. From flying zombies to cliché plots, from pseudo feminism to pointless use of curse words and sex, these shows are those that disappointed their audience. 

1. She – Netflix 

From a director who gave us Jab We Met, She comes as a surprise. A plain jane Marathi mulgi becomes a seductress to nab drug lords in this Netflix show while trying to show how powerful females can be. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo. We see men – her husband, her superiors, her clients – controlling her, where constable Bhumika Pardeshi (Aaditi Pohankar) is trying to figure out where she stands. The main point of the series – she – is lost, and so are we.

2. The Casino – Zee5

A casino, guns and a game of seduction – honestly, we didn’t expect anything new from the show based on the premise, but The Casino managed to reach new heights of stupidity. Rehana (Mandana Karimi) is Shivendra Singh Marwah’s (Sudhanshu Pandey) ‘keep’, and plans to overthrow him from his casino. His son Vicky (Karanvir Bohra) becomes another player in this game but fails to have lasting impact. A lackluster plot, over the top action scenes and corny dialogue are all we get from this show, where Vicky barges in the mayor’s house to kill him and the mayor has absolutely no security.

3. Forbidden Love – Zee5 

While this show had everything on its side – a brilliant cast, good plot – it lacks the depth that we expected. An anthology of romantic thrillers, every episode showcases the different shades of love and relationships. There are characters whose backgrounds and their reasons are now shown, leading the audience to blindly try to guess the subplots, which makes for a weak series.

4. Betaal – Netflix

Modern-day soldiers are attacked by a horde of East India company soldier zombies in a remote village. Sounds intense and exciting, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Shah Rukh Khan’s zombie series fails to deliver, and what it does deliver is a whole lot of mess. Zombies fly, hair colors change unexpectedly, and a series seeped in clichés makes it one of few worst series of 2020.

5. What The Love! With Karan Johar – Netflix 

Karan Johar tries to help millennials gain confidence and find love in this show that is a pitiful attempt to get every millennial’s attention. First off, it does not hide that it’s scripted, which is a huge point against it. Even the presence of celebrities like Sunny Leone, Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Rampal, Ali Fazal, Huma Qureshi and Arjun Kapoor giving advice on love is not enough to save this show, which thinks that makeover is the key to dating and finding love, a concept so 90s that we cringe while watching it. 

6. Hasmukh – Netflix

We never thought we’d see a Vir Das series in this list, but 2020 loves to surprise us. The idea was amazing – a comedian who only gets his mojo if he kills someone. A serial killer comedian? Sign us up, we would have said, but Hasmukh fails to deliver. Cringey jokes, a stab at making the killer a vigilante, and the repetitive storyline of a small-town man making it to the big city hold the show back from achieving what it set out to do. 

7. Four More Shots Please! Season 2 – Amazon Prime Video

We admit we loved the first season of Four More Shots Please. The second season, well, just doesn’t work. Our ladies are engrossed in their own love lives, trying to find themselves at the bottom of the bottle or in the arms of men. With unnecessary sex at every corner, cringey sexual innuendoes, and half baked plots, this series is a no-go.

8. Rasbhari – Amazon Prime Video 

Nand (Ayushmaan Saxena) is infatuated by his English teacher Shanoo (Swara Bhaskar). Shanoo has a sex obsessed alter ego, called Rasbhari (yes, we know how horrible it sounds already). Where to start? Oh, yes, Nand’s creepy obsession with Shanoo, leading to him following her, spying on her and watching her from the shadows. There are also unnecessary jokes and tropes that form the series, along with a storyline that we cannot believe is seen on Amazon Prime.

9. Indian Matchmaking – Netflix

It’s 2020, and we are still stuck in the 1900s. In Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, a Sima ‘Aunty’ tries to arrange marriages between Indian men and women and throws words like ‘adjustment’, ‘compatibility’, ‘good nature’, ‘compromise’, and ‘traditional’ around. Under the veil of fluff and the band baja baraat of marriage lies old age sexism, pseudo feminism, and oppression. But is it old age if it persists today?

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